Medical Imaging

Srinjini Ray
B.Tech: Electronics And Telecommunication;GHITM(BPUT)
M.Tech: Optics And Optoelectronics; UCST(University Of Calcutta)


  1. Spectral Analysis by Fourier Transform
  2. Determination of Third Order Nonlinear Susceptibility by the Z-Scan Method
  3. Differential Phase Imaging of Evanescent Wave in Total Internal Reflection for Determining Refractive Index


  • Retired Prof. AnjanDasgupta ,department of Biochemistry, University of Calcutta
  • Dr. AmlanChokrobory,Department of Information Technology, University of Calcutta


  1. Polarizing phase shifting interferometry of TIR light for measurement of refractive index and its spatial variation in liquid samples,l Tania Das and Kallol Bhattacharya, Optical Engineering, Paper no. 160339RR, (Accepted, 2016)
  2. Low-Level Birefringence Measurement by a Cyclic-path Polarization Interferometer SonaliChakraborty and Kallol Bhattacharya, Applied Optics, (Accepted, 2016)